Creative food solutions
for retail & restaurants 

The Key To ..

  • Award-Winning NPD
  • Award-Winning Restaurants
  • Client Focused with
  • Guaranteed Trust
  • & International Creative Know How
  • Starts here…

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“I have known and had the pleasure of working with Spk in a number of different product areas over the years. Spk brings a wealth of in-depth knowledge and very relevant experience from time working in retail, classic kitchens and manufacturing.
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Highly reliable and professional, Spk always delivers against the brief and beyond, creating great tasting food but with an appropriate acknowledgment of commercial reality. A true food ambassador, who always adds to the team and with a great network into culinary trends both at home and internationally.”

Rachel McEvoy

Commercial Director

“For seven years while I was MD at the Northampton-based Food-to-Go manufacturing business owned by Uniq and subsequently Greencore, we created a reputation as the best innovators in the industry.
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This was in no small measure due to the culinary creativity of Stephen Parkins-Knight or Spk. His excellent technical and creative skills combined with his breadth of food knowledge and understanding of food trends and his global perspective enabled us to deliver food-on-the move propositions that integrated the best of traditional skills with contemporary modernity to drive great commercial success. Steve is a great team player, easy to work with and good fun to be around. I would have no hesitation recommending him to any food business that values creative flair, contemporary thinking and practical effective applications of great culinary skill.”

Lochlain Feeley

Experienced Business Leader & Non-Exec - Food industry

“I have worked with SPK for a couple of years now. I have not met a chef more passionate about what we do than SPK. He is amazing to work with and a true Professional. He always has a can do attitude with making sure the end consumer is happy. He is SPK what else can I say.”

Scott Solar

Thai Union | Group Director of Global Food Service and Culinary Development


  • THINKING outside the box.
  • Working collaboratively with existing teams.
  • Hands On‘ Approach.
  • Inspiring & Experienced.
  • Encouraging everyone, leaving out no one.
  • Commercial Awareness
  • & Bucketloads Of creativity
  • I will help Grow Inspire your Food Business

Bacon & Egg Naan, Pah!

  1. Take an ordinary but classic breakfast stable.
  2. Marry together culinary cultures in equal measures.
  3. Add a twist of innovation & a smidge of imagination. 
  4. Don’t skimp on ingredients.
  5. Wait your turn (a smiling face is optional?).

Where Ever You Are?

I will come to you. I travel & work all over the world: Based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire

What We Can Do!

  • We can motivate existing teams & inspire confidence
  • We can work in pretty much any environment with limited equipment.
  • We hit deadlines with a smile
  • We are client focused, goal achievers & excellent communicators.
  • We love challenges  
  • We respect everyone.
  • & we always under promiseover deliver! 
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The People ..

who reach out to me can be Heads of innovation, Food start up entrepreneurs, Brilliant product developers, Amazing chefs, Development technologists, MD’s & CEOs looking for an infinite mindset & collaborative team player.

But whatever I’m working on, you can be guaranteed the thing I enjoy most is knowing I’ve made a tangible, positive & lasting difference to a project. My background in the food industry has taught me to expect that nothing is straightforward but my energy & drive allows me to hit the ground running & see right past the nitty gritty that can often get in the way of achieving your development goals.

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The Key To Great NPD?  

  • Brief focused
  • & goal oriented.
  • A great team player, motivator 
  • & excellent communicator.
  • Consummate client confidentiality
  • & the belief that the ultimate inspiration is the deadline.
  • oh & a great sense of humour.

All Food..

companies rely on an array of stakeholders for success.

Sometimes, the budget for that creative thinker is just not there all the time & that is why I offer this service. Use me as & when you need to knit together & inspire a range of customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, business partners & opinion formers.

You will notice as we get to know each other that my creativity flows into other areas, like films, music, photography, wine & cycling. Each to which I devote as much time to as my work, fabulous wife & family allow!

My Work Mantra?

Always flip a negative into a positive so why not start the ball rolling with a 15min call right here: