About Stephen Parkins-Knight

SPK = Energy-Charisma-Passion-Food Knowledge-Motivator


Hi, I am Stephen Parkins Knight (or Spk as I’m more commonly referred) the co-owner of the kitchenofsecrets ltd, which offers creative and highly innovative food solutions to the retail and restaurant industry.

My background spans over 30 years in the food industry, having spent much of my career in front-line positions, new product development, ideation and pipeline innovation.

I have utilised this experience and knowledge for an extensive range of blue chip organisations, entrepreneurs, new restaurant start ups and food manufacturers.

If you are in the retail or restaurant business with a challenge which require creative and innovative solutions, I am happy to chat and see if I can help, so please give me a call!

I have many success stories and experiences in the food industry I can eulogise!


A wealth of knowledge and experience and always a fresh pair of eyes. 
I love a challenge and you can be confident that whatever your food brief, I will not only fulfill but over-deliver on your expectation. 
I am told I can certainly ‘cook like an angel’ but most importantly can adapt this most wonderful skill to meet your commercial objectives.