Don't take our word for it ...

“SPK is just great. From the time we first spoke to him about working with us, he has given us passion, verve and creativity in bucketfuls. And it always tastes fantastic. He brings together combinations of flavours and ingredients which challenge and enthral, while feeling completely natural and unpretentious. His Bacon Naan Roll has become the source of a cult following (described by Marina O’Laughlin, food critic at The Metro, as “GAWJUSS!”). We love working with SPK. And he’s a top bloke too.”

Shamil Thackrar

Founder, Dishoom

“I have worked with SPK for over 10 years asking him to support me on innovation projects at Greencore Sandwiches, EAT, Trito and more recently Greencore Prepared meals.

SPK is an ingenious chef who constantly challenges himself to ensure his knowledge is at the forefront of trends to give him that edge and va va voom over other consultant chefs!

He is the most positive, inspiring, passionate chef who will push you to think differently whilst ensuring his work delivers against your brief , balancing innovation against manufacturing capability.

I would highly recommend using SPK you won’t be disappointed!

Georgina Wood

Head of Food Georgie & Tom's

“If there is one person that is my ‘go to’ for creativity, inspiration and project delivery – it is SPK! I have worked with SPK for over 20years covering a wide range of categories from roast poultry, global ready meals, party foods and added value fish. Every project he has worked on has been delivered to the highest of standards, meets the brief and so much more! SPK has an unrivalled knowledge of the creative retail industry which allows him to support any type of project brief and his leadership skills, personality and warmth together with his love, knowledge and passion for food is evident in everything he does and he greatly inspires those around him. Project are always delivered on time and all challenges are met ‘head on’. Whether it’s re-working product to fit commercial parameters, processing issues or Customer changes he is always a joy to work with.”

Catriona Kidd

NPD Manager Scotbeef

“Spk is a joy to work with. Whilst working as a senior product developer for M&S, I asked him to work on numerous projects for me and subsequently recommended him to suppliers and other colleagues on the back of the superb work he done for me. His key attribute is his fabulously warm and down to earth personality. Whilst many a chef has the ego the size of a house…Stephen has an innate and learnt expert knowledge of food and all its connotations. His expertise along with his ability to work so well with teams in development kitchens and to quickly interpret a brief, sets him apart from many development chefs. His enthusiasm and passion for the job in hand is boundless.” 

Annette Peters

Director, The Food Practice

“Spk and I have been working together since the very inception of KALIMERA. More than just coming with ideas and a menu, Spk has been instrumental in shaping the concept and creating a strong culinary identity that made us stand out of the competition and become a reference in the market. On the top of that, he has always been present and very reactive whenever we need him.” 

Telemaque Argyriou

Founder/Owner , Kalimera London

“SPK will walk through your door with abundance of energy and creativity. He clearly puts time and effort in to all aspects of your offering before the first meeting. The dedication and tenacity he gave to working with us was beyond expectation and we couldn’t have asked for better ideas, service or professionalism” 

Nisha Patel & Nishma Chauhan

Founders, Grill My Cheese

“To be honest, when I was first referred to Spk, I was concerned that he would decline our brief in developing our Korean food concept. At the outset, I was somewhat intimidated by his extensive experience as a retail and food expert to the major players. Nonetheless, he has proven to be a consummate professional, and also a guiding force in my personal growth as an aspiring entrepreneur. Spk is naturally talented and very much the Willy Wonker of recipes. He has exceptional knowledge, passion and flair for Asian cuisine and his creativity is unmatched. The man also has charm and a great sense of humour, which makes him an absolute joy to work with.” 

Leon Feong

Founder, Jubo London

“I have worked with SPK for a couple of years now. I have not met a chef more passionate about what we do than SPK. He is amazing to work with and a true Professional. He always has a can do attitude with making sure the end consumer is happy. He is SPK what else can I say.” 

Scott Solar

Group Director of Global Food Service & Culinary Development, Thai Union

“SPK  was recommend to me by a colleague when I really needed some chef support and fast! He more than delivered against my vague brief (!) and made my first creative presentation in my new company a real success, my new customer was blown away by the food, the passion and SPK 
What can I say about SPK.. 
  • Flexible in less than ideally equipped development kitchens 
  • Calm and unflappable 
  • Great fun and a little bit cheeky! 
  • Knowledgeable and Personable 
  • Reasonable and realistic but also challenging to the brief 
  • Goes without saying that he’s very creative – that’s why he’s so popular!!”

Kerry Cheshire

Development & Innovation Controller, Tulip

“Where to start!! Mr SPK makes me remember why I enjoy working with food, helps me get my food passion back. When working with Spk I always ask lots of how’s and whys and he always takes the time to explain., and encourages me to ask. 
What have I learnt don’t be afraid of salt, height on a plate and don’t use the word “nice” when tasting something.” 

Lesley McIntosh

Process Technologist, ScotBeef

“Spk and I have worked together on numerous food development projects as briefed by leading food retailers. As an experienced product developer it is my job to think out of the box to deliver strategic innovation. Stephen’s skills as a Chef and as a highly creative individual have always been a huge asset to all the projects that we have worked on together. He is always able to take my ideas and turn them into a “food reality”. During our time working together Stephen has always been completely dedicated to ” getting the job done” even when this has meant working long into the night. Stephen is very kind and supportive and can engage with junior colleagues allowing them to gain in confidence. He is equally at home presenting to senior colleagues and customers and is happy in challenging situations. I have no hesitation in recommending Spk.” 

Henrietta Cain

M&S, Product Development Specialist

“I had the pleasure of working with SPK while facilitating a three day ideation in Chicago for a large Nation chain account. My impressions of him are as follows; I find him to be a passionate professional, highly skilled in his craft and willing to do what’s necessary, (with a smile on his face), to get the job done. I would call him a leader who leads by example, one that’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. In summary, he has my respect and admiration, and I look forward to working with him many times in the future.”

John DaLoia

Corporate Executive Chef, Global Foodservice

” SPK is a total food nomad (possibly also because he never says “no” to a challenge and also because he’s a bit “mad”). Working with him has been an absolute pleasure and he has delivered way beyond what we expected. Having briefed him on an Indian food project, he offered well researched and very unique perspectives. The result has been truly inspired menu items. He’s not afraid to challenge either which makes him a very valuable team member. SPK is no longer considered to be a consultant we use – to me, he is like family. 
Now you tell anyone what I wrote and I’ll break your legs!  
😉 ” 

Adarsh Radia


“Stephen is truly skilled in this field. He has real flair in term of understanding what the client needs from the brief. Creatively he’s on top of his game in terms of generating unique ideas and recipes while always keeping a focus on what is commercially viable. Bringing the client with him on the journey is key always keeping the dialogue open. Stephen goes the extra step in terms of fulfilling the brief – I can highly recommend him.” 

Natasha Ginty

Marketing Manager MTI, Thai Union

“I have known Spk for many years, and we have worked on a number of projects together. He is a highly skilled individual, creative, professional, passionate, and extremely talented. His expertise is varied from creating and developing concepts for some of the best known multiple retailers, creating dishes and menus for new and existing start ups to food styling. He doesn’t just think outside the box, he doesn’t even know there is a box. He is a perfectionist, uncompromising and also great fun.” 

Josh Wyse

Consultant & Project Management Hospitality Wyse2 Ltd

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen on a number of projects for our major customer M&S. I find him to be the ultimate professional. SPK never disappoints with flavours. He combines this talent with a realistic approach to taking development ideas into a factory environment. At the same time he is an inspiration to our young team of chefs setting a great example on how to follow and understand exactly what to deliver. I cannot recommend him highly enough for any interim or project innovation that requires his creative flare.”

Roy Bloxham

UK Agent Tadbik Global Packaging Solutions

“Along with many others I have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of working with SPK for a number of years. His knowledge. professionalism and passion for the industry is second to none and he has helped reinvigorate our innovation process within the business. SPK has a true thirst for knowledge and is close to the button on the latest trends, flavours and processes. This coupled with a great understanding of production methods and what is realistic in a factory is rare and is hugely valuable. Above all SPK is a true gentleman who makes absolutely delicious food, I can not recommend him enough to anyone.”

Raleigh Salvesen

Commercial Director

“I have known and had the pleasure of working with Spk in a number of different product areas over the years. Spk brings a wealth of in-depth knowledge and very relevant experience from time working in retail, classic kitchens and manufacturing. Highly reliable and professional, Spk always delivers against the brief and beyond, creating great tasting food but with an appropriate acknowledgment of commercial reality.  A true food ambassador, who always adds to the team and with a great network into culinary trends both at home and internationally.” 

Rachel McEvoy

Commercial Director